Official Santa Clara County Republican Voter Guide – 2020 Primary

Fellow Republicans,
Please support these excellent, qualified, solutions-oriented fiscal conservatives – all are officially endorsed by your elected Santa Clara County Republican Committee to represent us at City Hall, in County government, in Sacramento, and in Washington, DC. If you haven’t received your official REPUBLICAN ballot, you can re-register online until February 18th, after which you will need to go to a vote center. Be sure to drop off your ballot in-person at a vote center or, better yet, VOTE in-person there to ensure your vote counts! Visit for more voter information. 

Shane Patrick Connolly,

Jonathan Fleming, San Jose City Council District 2
Jim Zito, San Jose City Council District 8
John Leyba, Santa Clara County Supervisor District 3
Helen Wang, San Jose City Council District 10
Peter Ohtaki, State Assembly District 24
Burt Lancaster, State Assembly District 27
Carlos Rafael Cruz, State Assembly District 28
Dr. Shomir Banerjee, State Assembly District 29
Greg Swett, State Assembly District 30
Dr. Alex Glew, State Senate District 13
Vicki Nohrden, State Senate District 17
Ritesh Tandon, U.S. Congress District 17
Jeff Gorman, U.S. Congress District 20
Vote NO on San Jose Measure E – Don’t be fooled – there is no sunset on this new tax, and the money will flow the City’s General Fund – there’s no guarantee it will be spent as advertised. 

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